Free review copies available at SAGE website

It’s very easy to request a free review copy of the second edition of Superconnected¬†for prospective classroom use! Just go to

…and click on “Request Review Copy.”

In addition to the many free classroom materials and resources found on this site, please also know that I would be happy to Skype with any class that adopts the book, visit in person if arrangements can be made, or do a Twitter chat — whether live or asynchronously. I’m always happy to interact with students reading the book! Contact me at to set it up!

Finally, please feel free to share with me your students’ responses to the book, whether as part of formal class activities or their informal reviews. Responses to the first edition were extremely helpful to me when it came time to revise the first edition, and responses to the second edition will help me revise that one, as the third edition is now under contract. Any and all feedback would be gratefully received at the above email address. Thank you, and thank you for your interest in Superconnected!