Discussion Questions and Assignments

Discussion Questions:

My wonderful research assistant Shravan Regret Iyer and I have developed an extensive list of discussion questions for Superconnected. The questions are categorized by chapter and are suitable for in-class discussion of each chapter’s ideas, as essay prompts for testing or long-form writing, or simply to provoke deeper thought and consideration of the book’s many issues. Feel free to use and/or revise; no need to provide attribution.

Superconnected – Questions for Further Discussion, by Chapter


Assignments and Projects:

Dr. Gina Marcello, my amazing colleague at Rutgers’ School of Communication and Information, has prepared a variety of types of assignments that can be used in connection with the chapters and themes of Superconnected. These are freely shared here, for open access use, as are all materials on this site. A comprehensive final project assignment on emerging digital technologies is also shared here. I created this final paper and digital presentation in connection with the Quality Matters (QM) certification of a course I developed. These assignments are free to use and/or revise without attribution.