Third Edition of Superconnected is Here!

The book:

  • Gathers findings from multiple fields that overlap — including communication, sociology, psychology, media studies, and information and data science — so that key understandings and insights can be integrated to give a comprehensive picture of modern techno-social life.
  • Opens with a short, engrossing history of internet and digital/mobile/social media to provide context for the chapters that follow.
  • Recognizes that the entire world is not “superconnected” and contrasts high-tech societies with those that are less developed technologically.
  • Incorporates excerpts from face-to-face and email interviews from my 20-plus years of research to illustrate relevant points.

I’m thrilled that the third edition is available in time for adoption for in Digital Technology and Society-type courses, and for general readership too, of course. It is intended to speak to multiple audiences. Please click around this site to see the supplemental teaching resources available, including editable lecture slides, discussion questions, assignments, and podcasts. Here is the new trailer for the book:

Free review copies of Superconnected are available from SAGE Publications at

Click on the photo of the book on the right sidebar to order it on Amazon.

Please contact me with any requests for editable lecture slides or to do guest lectures or speaking engagements. More instructional materials to support Superconnected are found throughout this site.

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