Lecture Slides

These lecture slides support the third edition of the Sage Publications book Superconnected: The Internet, Digital Media, and Techno-Social Life (2021). Slides for the second edition are below. If you are interested in using these slides in editable format for instructional purposes, contact me at mary.chayko@rutgers.edu for permission, options for customizing these slides, and access.

Ch 1_Superconnectedness – Superconnected 3rd Edition

Ch 2_Creating the Internet Age – Superconnected 3rd Edition

Ch 3_Inhabiting a Digital Environment – Superconnected 3rd Edition

Ch 4_Sharing and Surveillance – Superconnected 3rd Edition

Ch 5_Global Impacts and Inequalities – Superconnected 3rd Edition

Ch 6_Techno-Socialization and the Self – Superconnected 3rd Edition

Ch 7_Friending, Dating and Relating – Superconnected 3rd Edition

Ch 8_The Techno-Social Institutions – Superconnected 3rd Edition

Ch 9_More Benefits and Hazards – Superconnected 3rd Edition

Ch 10_Our Superconnected Future – Superconnected 3rd Edition


The set of lecture slides below support the second edition of Superconnected: The Internet, Digital Media, and Techno-Social Life (2018). 


1 – Superconnectedness

2 – Creating the Internet Age

3 – Inhabiting a Digital Environment

4 – Sharing and Surveillance

5 – Global Impacts and Inequalities

6 – Techno-Socialization and the Self

7 – Friending, Dating and Relating

8 – The Techno-Social Institutions

9 – More Benefits and Hazards of 24-7 Superconnectedness

10 – Our Superconnected Future

Lecture slides are created by Mary Chayko with the assistance of Shravan Regret Iyer and Seulki Lee-Geiller. Again, for permissions, options for customizing these slides, and access, contact the author at mary.chayko@rutgers.edu.