Lecture Slides

These lecture slides support the Sage Publications book Superconnected: The Internet, Digital Media, and Techno-Social Life (second edition, 2018) and were created by Mary Chayko with the assistance of Shravan Regret Iyer, 2018. The slides’ text is excerpted from, and sources are referenced in, the book. Permission to use and share this slideshow is granted; please acknowledge Mary Chayko as author. For permissions and options for customizing these slides, contact me at mary.chayko@rutgers.edu.

1 – Superconnectedness

2 – Creating the Internet Age

3 – Inhabiting a Digital Environment

4 – Sharing and Surveillance

5 – Global Impacts and Inequalities

6 – Techno-Socialization and the Self

7 – Friending, Dating and Relating

8 – The Techno-Social Institutions

9 – More Benefits and Hazards of 24-7 Superconnectedness

10 – Our Superconnected Future