The Superconnected Podcasts

As Superconnected was going to press, I began to think about what else I could produce to help spread the word about the book and provide some extra content and value to readers and adopters. While voicing a video for the program that I direct at Rutgers School of Communication (SC&I), the Digital Communication, Information, and Media minor (here’s that video) — it hit me: why not a series of podcasts?

I truly enjoy teaching, and research, and writing, but deep down, I’m a radio person. I’ve worked at many NJ and NY radio stations, including WHDA, WMGQ, WMTR, and the old, classic, no-longer-with-us WNEW in New York. I’ve been a disc jockey, producer, news reader, and copywriter. I’ve been a voice-over announcer for local and national products and organizations (and now, my own educational programs)! Podcasts seemed a natural outgrowth of that.

I decided on a series of short, informative podcasts, in an attempt to try and keep listeners’ attention! I also decided to record a podcast for each chapter, to enhance it with a short overview of its major themes, some additional information and context, and an excerpt from each.

My first efforts were underwhelming, actually. I wasn’t able to achieve the sound quality I had hoped for by recording them on my computer. The quality was a little disappointing to this radio pro!

As is often the case at my university, it was Rutgers to the rescue. I called colleague Mike Pavlichko, station manager at WRSU, Rutgers’ student-operated radio station, and he graciously offered a studio for me to record in and his expert assistance. That very week, a spent a morning recording the podcasts. It felt great to run a board again to facilitate the recording, and the sound was studio quality — exactly what I’d wanted.

I hope you’ll enjoy spending a few minutes from time to time checking out the podcasts, and/or assigning them to students to listen to, and will let me know what you think of them! All ten can be found on the “Podcasts” page.

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